Miss Kylie, 6 Months Old, Pennsylvania Natural Light Photography

I cannot believe how much this sweet girl has grown. It seems like only yesterday that I met her in the hospital, the day after she was born (which you can see here and some of her newborn session here). :) She is one of the happiest babies ever, and makes the most adorable faces. 

We have her older brother to thank for a lot of the big smiles! He was such a huge help and was so sweet to his baby sister! :) 


Morgan is THREE, Pennsylvania Lifestyle Photography

I had so much fun capturing pictures with Morgan and her family! She is such a sweetheart and has such loving and adoring parents. Their home is filled with such beautiful natural light, that I threatened more than once to anchor down and put a studio there! ;) 


Happy First Birthday times THREE, Lehigh Valley Lifestyle Photography

Today three very special little boys turn one!! I have had so much fun working with their family this year! After every session, I tell their parents the same thing; I don't know how you do it. It's true, being the mom of one extremely feisty 2 year old makes me wonder how parents of multiples do it! What I do know, is that these two parents do it extremely well! They make it all work, and they love those boys so very much! Three times the diapers, and three times the love. 

 Watching this family grow this year has truly been a blessing, I can't wait to see what another year brings.