A Mermaid and her Chicken

There are always things in life to learn, and room for everyone to grow. I try to find things to better myself and my photography. Something that I'd really like to work on is my blog (and website in general). To help with this, I've joined a blog circle of photographers. Each month we're given a theme to go with. From that, we are free to be creative and blog! So, welcome to my first blog post in the circle. Our subject this month is Summer

Lillian is turning 5. I have been friends with her mom for over 16 years (which makes me feel really old)!  I consider myself a creative person, but Rachel (Lilli's mom), is hands down the most creative person I have ever met. I have her to thank for all of the gorgeous hand painted signs, including the amazing table names, cupcake decor and a ton of other things for one of the most amazing days of my life. You can also see a lot of her work showcased in some of the weddings that I've done, she has some serious talent. 

Rachel takes parties and events to a whole new level (and could totally be running a business doing so). I will be photographing a wedding during Lilli's party and will be unable to see all of her hard work pay off, so while our kids were playing (and eating ice cream) I took the opportunity to capture some of the elements she's been working on for the party. Believe me, what is shown here is only a small sample of what will come together for the party!

 So about that blog title; Lilli is having a Mermaid themed birthday party, and she has a "pet" chicken. Well, they have chickens (yay for fresh eggs), and Lilli has one chicken in particular that she carries around, and snuggles the way some kids snuggle kittens. It is absolutely adorable. The chicken seems to love it just as much! When Lilli puts it down, it might run, but sometimes it just sits there waiting for her to pick it up again! In whole, this child loves all living creatures, there hasn't been a time that I've gone to their house that she isn't playing with or rescuing some bug or animal. 

  Rachel designed and made this gorgeous headpiece for Lilli. 
Lilli picked out pearls and shells that Rachel used to make necklaces out of for the kids coming to the party!
 She MADE this piƱata! Lilli had a hard time holding it because it's already filled with the candy and prizes for the party! 

 I absolutely LOVE the jellyfish that will hang from inside of the tent at the party! 

 How amazing is this Sea Glass candy that she made?
 The kids will be able to make their own Sand Art
 How fun is this favor? I also love the fact that she has an option for people that may not be ready to leave with a living creature! :)

 These are the beginning of her centerpieces 
(yes, just the beginning of them)

Summer fun = Ice Cream, Lemons and Big Hats

I hope you enjoyed my "Summer" post. Please take the time and travel (via the internet of course) "across the pond" to visit the beautiful work of J Butterfield Photography and her post for our theme HERE!

Jordan turns TWO!

I can't believe this little man is turning two already! It seems like time has flown since we did his one year birthday session last year! 

We had a lot of fun chasing him around, because that is what you do with a 2 year old! He's so full of energy which isn't surprising since last year he was just starting to walk and we were still chasing him!! Sessions with this family are always a good time! I LOVE that they bring his giant giraffe every year! It's such a fun way to see how much he's grown!! 

He's getting ready to be a big brother later this year! I can't wait to meet his little sister, and watch this family that I absolutely adore, grow!