Mel & Ryan, Lehigh Valley Engagement

Love is meant to be an adventure.

I can't wait to watch yours unfold. 


Bring on November. 


A Very Stellar Wedding, Bear Creek Resort

In my life, I love you more.

You know, they say that rain on your wedding day is supposed to be a sign of good luck. Well, it poured; as in completely soaked the wedding site and surrounding area RIGHT BEFORE the ceremony. Yes, it poured, but only long enough to cut some of the humidity and grant and already lucky couple a little extra luck. (A huge shout out to the staff at Bear Creek, they dried off the seats and set up the area in record time). 

I had such an amazing time shooting the engagement session for this couple, I knew that the wedding was going to be a great day. They certainly didn't let us down. The day was filled with laughter, happy tears and a whole lot of love. Rachel & I had an amazing time documenting such a joyous occasion.

Enjoy a little overview of their very big day! 

Cassie & Derek, I love you guys. xoxo