Casi & Chris, Lehigh Valley Engagement

There is something magical about "the stage". If you've ever been part of a theater group, you know what I mean. The stage of Zion Opera Workshop is truly magical. For three plus months out of every year the members of "ZOW" practice and perform musicals and become part of something simply wonderful. It isn't just performing the show and feeling the wonder of the lights that is amazing. People truly fall in love, they make lifelong friends and become part of a theater family which is where the real magic lies. 

When I saw that Casi & Chris got engaged on the stage, my heart smiled. I was so happy to see them so very happy, and to see the magic come to life. When she emailed me and told me she wanted to talk about their wedding, I was so very excited and the wheels in my head were already turning. I knew I wanted to approach them about doing at least a few of their engagement shots on that stage! We also ventured out into the snow (and I may have possible, unintentionally, sat IN the snow), which was a lot of fun as well. It's impossible not to have fun with this couple! We couldn't stop laughing!

Casi & Chris, I am so very excited for your wedding this summer! 
I can't wait to be a part of your big day! :)