Waiting on their Gerber Baby, Lehigh Valley Maternity Photography

It was a rainy Saturday morning, but these adorable parents to be brought their own sunshine. They were such troopers!! We were lucky that it wasn't pouring, but it was raining just enough to need an umbrella (which ended up being some of my favorite shots). 

I can't wait to meet your little man! :)


Jenna, Pennylvania Senior Photography

If there is one thing that Jenna's mom has told me multiple times it is "They grow up so fast." Of course most of the time she is just trying to tease me about my two girls, but I know all to well that she is telling the truth.

I have watched this beautiful (fun, hysterical, determined, and extremely talented) little girl, turn into a young woman so very quickly. She is amazing, and I'm lucky to know her (and her crazy family). :)

Where ever you go in life, you will shine.