Brandi & John, Pennsburg Wedding

One year down, forever to go.

Today this gorgeous couple celebrates their first wedding anniversary. One year ago, I watched two of my favorite people pledge their love to one another in one of the most intimate and personal ceremonies that I've ever had the privilege of being a part of. 

Everything about the day was amazing. But, for me, one of the most incredible moments came later in the evening while everyone was relaxing and reminiscing in the couple's living room. We went around the room taking turns discussing the couple and how amazing it has been to watch the couple grow together and individually blossom as their relationship has progressed.  One thing we all collectively agreed on (and cried happy tears together about) was that after they found one another, it was like they had found themselves again. Here I sit, one year later, once again teary eyed, knowing that they have truly found the happiness that they both deserve. 

Gorgeous hair by Pure Salon , amazing catering by 14 Acre Farm (with my favorite cameo by Amber). 

Enjoy your little look inside this amazing wedding. 

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