Waiting for Baby Miller; NJ Maternity

Mongo is ready, and he's going to make an amazing "brother". 

Also, Mongo is extremely photogenic. It's a close race as to who this session was REALLY about. I had so much fun hiking around with Kevin, Liz, Mongo and "the baby belly". Of course one has to be rewarded after being such a good dog during our session! It was hard not to jump in with him, we happened to take these on a morning where it felt like it was 1,000 degrees.

Dearest Kevin and Liz, aka SOON to be Daddy & Mommy,

Once upon a time, we met as strangers. I was hoping that we would be a good fit, and I would be your wedding photographer. Well, fast forward one incredible engagement, a beautiful (and extremely fun) wedding, add on a beautiful friendship, a baby for us, and a pregnancy for you, and here we are! I'm so grateful that you picked me to be your photographer, but I'm even more grateful that we've all become friends. We cannot wait to meet this little one, he or she is so very lucky to have the two of you as parents. We love you. xoxo

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I can't stop laughing over these two! 

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